Katya’s first band was organized while she still lived at her native Kazan. After moving to Moscow in 2012, she got together with musician Yevgeny Gorbunov (NRKTK, Stoned Boys) to establish the Glintshake band, which began performing English-language rock with references to the American alternative scene of the 1980s and 1990s. At the same time, Shilonosova joined academic music ensemble Scratch Orchestra, which in 2013 performed several paragraphs from The Great Learning by Cornelius Cardew at the Garazh Contemporary Art Center. Next year she qualified for the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo as the creator of the solo electronic project Kate NV. Her debut album Binasu, released in 2016, drew enthusiastic reviews from the international music media. The talented young Russian and her exotic electronic avant pop were written up by The New Yorker and The Qietus. Kate NV recently went on a North American tour together with Canadian singer and producer Jessy Lanza. In addition to her solo project, Katya Shilonosova continues to perform with two other bands. One is the GSh, which came out of Glintshake, and where she performs the smart and dynamic guitar pop with Russian-language lyrics. The other one is the Mouths (Rty) improvisational band, where she jams together with musicians from the Russian indie bands On-The-Go and Pompeya.

Kate NV has been added to the RUSH pool of projects — the new initiative of independent musical experts, who took up the functions of the Russian music export office. She will represent Russia at the first Russian showcase as part of the Reeperbahn Festival in September of this year.

01 september 2017, 18:30
Lexus Dome
1-y Krasnogvardeyskiy pr-d, 21/1 (Moscow City, OKO Tower)