Pianist and composer, whose early years were spent in the wonderful forests and mountains of the verdant Thuringia, Martin Kohlstedt belongs to the group of musicians who seek salvation from the modern world’s aggression in the harmonising piano pieces. Following in the footsteps of Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds, Kohlstedt composes watercolour-like piano etudes, occasionally using non-traditional techniques of sound articulation and electronic patches. His music is laconic, dramatic and supremely emotional. Kohlstedt may begin with a timid keyboard ripple and gradually hit a stride of the menacing staccato storm, only to end the piece with conciliatory melodic lull. The German musician has several LPs under his belt — the lyrical Tag and dynamic Nacht, both well received by the music critics, and two compilations of remixes of his work done by distinguished electronic musicians. The artist’s live performances never fail to impress the public: during his concerts, Martin enters a state of fervent ecstasy, fusing with his instrument in ritual trance. This will be Martin Kohlstedt’s first performance in Russia

15 february 2016, 21:30
Multimedia Art Museum
ul. Ostozhenka 16