Moscow resident Dmitry Evgrafov is only 23, but he already has four albums out, with the fifth one upcoming. The delicate and introspective The Quiet Observation will come out in mid-October 2016 on the Fat Cat Records label. Following last year’s Collage, this is Dmitry Evgrafov’s second LP with the reputable British recording label, known for the production of LPs by Max Richter, Johan Johansson, and Hauschka. Despite his young age, the Russian pianist, composer and sound designer fits really well into the company of internationally acclaimed leaders of neo-Classical movement.

Dmitry Evgrafov recorded his first album with musical sketches for a grand piano and string trio, compiled in the GarageBand program, at the tender age of 17. This experiment by a self-taught musician didn’t go unnoticed, and, impressed with the emotional range of Evgrafov’s compositions, the Scottish record studio Sonic Reverie Records published his second LP, Lying on Your Shoulder. The next important step in Dmitry’s career came in form of the meeting with Nils Frahm — the two musicians performed together at Moscow International House of Music in June of 2012. Conversations with the German composer and the move from Moscow to a country house prompted Dmitry to compose a quiet LP of twilight piano pieces Pereehali, which caught the fancy of talent scouts from the Fat Cat Records.

Unlike the Collage that was full of electronic experiments, the new LP, The Quiet Observation, signals Evgrafov’s return to the world of acoustic sounds. The recording begins and ends with emulated sounds of a church organ, and contains a number of flickering minimal pieces for piano, bell-lyre and strings. The composer himself compares the experience of listening to The Quiet Observation to watching a play of shadows on the wall: the listener can interpret the perceived images on the basis of his own sensory experience, but in any case he remains an observer of the whimsical pattern borne out of the confrontation between sound and silence.

Taking the stage at the SOUND UP series concert, Dmitry Evgrafov will perform compositions from the Collage and The Quiet Observation LPs as well as several new and previously unpublished pieces.

15 november 2016, 19:00
Moscow Planetarium
Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Str, 5 bld. 1