In the late 1990s, Andrei Antonets along with Alexander Matrosov founded the IDM duo Alexandroid, which made quite a splash on the international scene. In 2004, the project was given the Grand Prix of the Radio France Internationale Electronic Music Award as Eastern Europe’s most interesting project. The jury chairman Laurent Garnier selected Alexandroid from more than 60 performers representing 15 countries. In 2010, Andrei Antonets founded the idi0ts project, whose debut EP, released on the London label Lo Recordings, made it into the European indie charts. Also in 2010, working in collaboration with Ilya Lagutenko (Mumiy Troll), Antonets created the Keta electronic project, whose debut album Impudence (Derzosti) was declared by music critics to be one of Russia’s best releases of 2012. Working under the stage name of OID, Andrei Antonets has recorded a dozen solo releases, which came out on various European labels, and composed soundtracks for several stage productions, films, video installations as well as the classical work of the silent documentary genre, Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera. The most recent OID album, entitled 22:22, was released in the spring of 2017 by Moscow label Sealt as a limited-edition vinyl record.

01 september 2017, 18:30
Lexus Dome
1-y Krasnogvardeyskiy pr-d, 21/1 (Moscow City, OKO Tower)