Anton Sevidov has been partaking in musical competitions from a very young age. At 12, he went on tour with the program “Talents of Russia,” and subsequently collected numerous prestigious musical prizes. In 2008, after completing his piano studies at the Gnesin Music Academy, Anton founded electro pop band Tesla Boy, one the few Russian bands to gain real traction in the West. In the nine years of its existence, the band became one of Russia’s most successful new wave projects, and its touring schedule expanded way beyond Russia and CIS, as the group regularly performs in Europe, United States, Mexico, and South America. The band’s debut album Modern Thrills came out in 2010 on the London label Mullet Records, allowing the group to gain a solid foothold on the international music market. The subsequent albums The Universe Made of Darkness (2013) and Moses (2016) ended up among top iTunes albums in Russia, US, Mexico and Europe. At Tesla Boy, Anton does more than just vocals, writing music and texts as well. He collects synthesizers from different eras of the 20th century, and uses them to record his own tracks, which have a distinct contemporary sound despite the vintage technology. In 2017, Anton began to write music for cinema and theater. His first musical production is the Sea of Trees at the Gogol Center. The stage production is also Anton’s debut as a stage actor.

01 september 2017, 18:30
Lexus Dome
1-y Krasnogvardeyskiy pr-d, 21/1 (Moscow City, OKO Tower)