Alexei Aigi is one of the most prominent contemporary Russian composers. He has named his ensemble in honor of John Cage’s historical piece, but his own portfolio is full of experiments and glee. His career began with austere classical minimalism in the spirit of Steve Reich and Terry Riley, but he later developed a passion for writing film score music and began a post-modernist experiment with different genres and excerpts, mixing high and popular music forms. His collaboration with the film industry allowed Alexei Aigi to carry out the boldest and most expensive projects, combining orchestras and electronics, or composing Mongolian-Tartar ethnic funk, while simultaneously rising in prominence. He’s known as the author of OST from The Land of the Deaf and the man behind the expressive symphonic post-rock poems of the Hard Disk album. With his sense of humour and craftsmanship, Alexei Aigi reminds many of another genius musical maverick, the creator of Pop Mekhanika Sergei Kuryokhin. It’s not for nothing that the latest favourite project of this violinist and composer is the performance of Kuryokhin’s manic compositions with utmost respect for the original source, collaboration with other Pop Mekhanika participants and the gradual amplification of absurdity on stage.

As part of SOUND UP’s September lineup, Alexei Aigi, together with his 4’33’’ ensemble, will perform his selected works. The program includes well-known pieces, greatest hits and completely unknown compositions. The performance will include the first run of the composition that was written specifically for 4’33’’ and expanded string ensemble.

08 september 2016, 21:00
Fomenko Workshop Theatre
Tarasa Shevchenko Embankment, 29