06 October 2016, 20:00

Trekhgornaya Manufaktura, Nadezhda. Address: Rochdelskaya street, 15/24


On October 3, 2016, the great American composer Steve Reich will turn 80. His name conjures the image of encyclopedia, as he is one of the founding fathers of minimalism, which became one of the principal styles of the academic music in the second half of the 20th century. His best-known compositions date back to the end of 1960s. Steve Reich’s influence extends from John Adams to Brian Eno, and it’s impossible to discuss classical American music without mentioning his name.

The sixth concert of the SOUND UP series is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Steve Reich. This concert will consist of the unique performance of the “Six Pianos” piece by six Russian composers and pianists, who will also perform their own music.

At a tender age of six, Alexei Kurbatov composed a ballet, and at 11, gave his first concert as a composer in the Organ Hall of the Glinka Musical Culture Museum. As of today, the portfolio of this young composer, pianist, and graduate of the Moscow Conservatory boasts six symphonies, Black Monk opera, seven instrumental concerts, a dozen symphonic poems, multitudes of chamber and vocal pieces, and music scores for film and theater. As a pianist, Alexei Kurbatov has collaborated with Yuri Bashmet’s orchestra and the Greek composer Vangelis.

Alexei Kurbatov will perform:
“Poem for a piano” (2015)

Pianist and composer Anton Bukanov leads a double life. In one of his lives he’s the graduate of Moscow Conservatory, author of a concert for three synthesizers and a symphony, commended by Sofia Gubaidulina, participant of the Moscow Fall and December Nights festivals, and a member of the Russian Union of Composers. In his other life he’s a die-hard fan and advocate of jazz who performs with jazz divas, big bands and Arab lute virtuosos.

Anton Bukanov will perform:
4 polyphonic pieces for piano (Prelude. Fugue. Passacaglia. Postlude) (2002)
“T.H.I.S.” (2005)

“My music is a soundtrack for life, it’s full of moments that have been a part of my life in one way or the other. The stories that I tell somehow resonate with other lives. This is when the feeling of all of us speaking one common language is born,” says the young pianist and composer Kirill Richter, who became the star of Pokrovka Street’s Tsiferblat (Clockface) anti-cafe. After earning enough money to buy a new piano for Tsiferblat, Kirill began performing for larger audiences at the free of charge concerts in Gorky Park and as an opening act for international neoclassical musicians.

Kirill Richter will perform:
“Сhronos” (2015)
“Mechanisms” (2016)

The young pianist and composer claims that he’s dedicated 19 of his 23 years to piano music. The graduate of the Gnesin School of Music has composed scores for the Cops on Fire hip-hop opera and Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss fashion shows, and has performed in Moscow night clubs and at well-respected concert venues. Last year, Nikola Melnikov released his debut album of piano compositions entitled “#22”, and performed it at Moscow International House of Music. In the first week of its release on iTunes, the album made it to the Top 3 in the classical/neoclassical music category in Russia, and within two weeks it was on iTunes’ global Top 100 in this category.

Nikola Melnikov will perform:
“Inception” (2014)
“Touch” (2010)

Pavel Karmanov is one of the few contemporary composers writing melodically beautiful and straightforward music. The graduate of Moscow Conservatory and a member of the iconic avant-garde rock band Vezhlivy Otkaz, Karmanov has mastered a multitude of composition techniques, from serialism to pseudo Baroque, but minimal music has left a special mark on his work. To this day, Karmanov’s favorite contemporary composer is Steve Reich, and the Russian composer regularly engages in a musical dialogue with him.
Pavel Karmanov will perform:
“Present for Vladimir Martynov” (2016)

Pianist and composer Peter Aidu has been a part of everything new and vital that’s been happening on the Russian acoustic scene for the last ten years. The graduate of Moscow Conservatory with specialization in piano and organ is an architect, archeologist and artist of sound. He plays a number of instruments, some of them common, such as the harpsichord and grand piano, others — less common, such as the hammer clavier and lute. He is a truly virtuoso pianist, capable of playing any musical piece in any way. His mastery and performance range regularly astound his audiences: from Baroque to contemporary, from the delicate performance of the finest compositions to grand scale opuses that require two-hands performance on two grand pianos at the same time.

Peter Aidu will perform:

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